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Friday, 03 November 2017 09:20

Coin and Silver Gift Ideas

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Most of our customers are coin collectors and regular silver or gold buyers. But did you know we offer some great gifts for you to share with others? If you haven’t been into our store lately – or even if you have – Check out these items for this holiday season.

Solar Eclipse Coins

An item unique to this year would be our 2017 Solar Eclipse coins. These are Dan Carr originals and come in 1 ounce rounds of silver ($44.99), brass ($14.99), and copper ($14.99). They can be purchased individually or as a 3-coin set – one of each metal ($69.99).

Puzzle Coins

A one-of-a-kind gift that’s sure to be a conversation starter are our jigsaw puzzles made from coins. The artist cuts each piece by hand as he turns coins into miniature puzzles. They range in size as large as a silver dollar to as small as a dime! You really need to see these to appreciate the intricate work involved. Call 308-455-1550 or email: info@kearneycoincenter for selection.

Bison Bullion

When you can’t decide what to get for that hard-to-buy-for family member, silver is always a great choice. We have numerous designs in our hand poured Bison Bullion. These are made to meet everyone’s budget, as they range in size from ½ troy ounce all the way to 100 troy ounces!

Silver Rounds and Bars

If you want to keep it simple and consistent, start them on a collection of silver rounds or bars. Get them a piece of silver or two for every birthday or holiday and let them watch their silver collection grow!  

Rather than give someone a gift that sits on a shelf in the closet and eventually ends up on a garage sale, wouldn’t it be better to give them an investment? People forget who gave them the electric can opener, but they’ll always remember the person who did their shopping at Kearney Coin Center.

Friday, 29 September 2017 09:39

Love Tokens - Stories of Love

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In the early 13th century, altering coins became a way in which individuals could create jewelry, share messages, or give a “token of his pledge” to another. Love tokens are coins that were engraved after the minting process was complete. Typically, the reverse of a coin is smoothed flat before being hand engraved with the initials of the giver or special dates.

Because the basic requirements for love tokens are that these engravings must be done by hand and on legitimate coins, it’s much easier to identify them if they have been made from coins with reeded edges, such as dimes and quarters. Fortunately because silver is a much easier metal to engrave, these coins are chosen more frequently than pennies and nickels.
Thursday, 26 January 2017 10:24

When is the time to buy Gold and Silver?

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Welcome to your mid-week Gold and Silver Bullion update brought to you by Kearney Coin Center. This is owner Bjorn Bergstrom.

Monday and Tuesday saw small gains for Gold and Silver, this morning a slight pullback seems overdue. At 10 am, Gold was 1198, down 10 dollars from yesterday and Silver bounced back to 16.90 after dropping to under 16.80 early this morning. Down just 20 cents from yesterday's close. Platinum corrected 20 dollars to 977 and Palladium is down almost 40 to 754. It seems the markets have stabilized already after the losses this morning. I expect the bullish run to continue over the next few weeks with both Silver and Gold gaining another 3-5%.
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 09:25

Know Your Coin Series: Morgan Dollar

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What you need to know

The Morgan Dollar was minted from 1878-1904 and then again in 1921. The coin was designed by George T. Morgan. The coin is among the most popular with collectors. 

Due to an abundant supply of most dates in the series it is popular to collect. Although collecting every single date in the series is a costly challenge. Key dates in the series include the 1889 CC, 1893 S, and 1895. The 1895 was only made as a proof. There are thousands of varieties in the series. Morgans varieties are commonly classified by VAMs. VAM is and acronym for the authors who discovered the varieties, Van Allen and Mallis. There is a list of 'Top 100' that is a refining of the thousands of VAM varieties discovered. In the 1970's a hoard of dollars was found at the Carson City Mint. These coins were specially packaged and sold through the General Services Administration (GSA).

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 15:47

A Silver South African Krugerrand!

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Welcome to your weekly Gold and Silver Bullion update brought to you by Kearney Coin Center. This is owner Bjorn Bergstrom.

Gold and Silver continue their bullish run this Monday after busting through the 1200 dollar barrier early this morning, Gold continued to move up and at the time of this report was 1215. Silver jumped over 17.00 to 17.12. Palladium continues its strong run and reached 750, Platinum is up slightly to 973.
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