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1953 Jefferson Nickel PCGS PR 68 (516)

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1916 D Buffalo Nickel PCGS AU 50 (401)


1944 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 FS RPM (877)


1913 D Buffalo Nickel PCGS XF 40 Type 2 (382)


1950 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 (369)

Monster Color!


1914 D Buffalo Nickel PCGS XF 45 (398)


1950 Jefferson Nickel PCGS PR 68 (514)

Great Color!


1943 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 67 FS (261)


1937 D Buffalo Nickel PCGS VG 10 3 Legs (404)


1942 P Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 67 FS Type 2 (497)


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