• Gold Au $1818.10 $16.16
  • Silver Ag $25.35 $0.46
  • Platinum Pt $1083.10 $16.23
  • Palladium Pd $2658.50 $23.96
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What years are Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes Silver? What are they worth?

Half dollars, quarters and dimes made from 1964 and before are 90% silver. Half Dollars made from 1965 - 1969 are 40% silver. In circulated condition these coins are worth their value in silver. That price is based off the spot price of silver and is always changing.

How are silver Halves, Quarters and Dimes sold?

These coins are referred to as "90%" or less commonly "junk silver." Generally, they are sold at a number of times face value instead of as silver weight. For example, $1 face value (2 Halves, 4 quarters, 10 dimes) will cost X number times face value.

What is my Bicentennial (1776-1976) Ike Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar or Washington Quarter worth?

Mintages on these coins was very high and they do not contain silver. To us these coins are only worth face value.

What is my silver certificate worth?

Until 1968 silver certificates could be traded in for silver dollars. Many people choose to keep their silver certificates and thus they are very common. They are worth little more than face value.

What is my Lincoln Wheat Penny worth?

These coins were common for commerce from 1909 - 1959 . Common dates in circulated condition are worth little more than face value.

What is my Liberty or Buffalo Nickel worth?

Liberty "V" Nickels were made from 1883 - 1913. Buffalo nickels were made from 1913 - 1938. These coins were common for commerce and millions were made. They are worth little more than face value.

What are my foreign coins worth?

Foreign coins are very popular to bring home as souvenirs when people travel to various countries. There are a few exceptions but most of these coins have little to no value.

Should I clean my coins?

Cleaning coins makes them shiny and gives them an undesirable finish. Collectors want coins with original finish. DO NOT clean your coins.

Why are your coins worth so much more?

A coin's value is based on its rarity and condition. Both are important factors as to what a coin is worth. A key date coin may not be worth much if you can barley read the date. A lot of the coins we have are uncirculated, meaning they have never been in someone's pocket. Our coins have also been graded by professionals in the industry. That is why they are in special holders. Coins may also be a certain variety that can't be seen with the naked eye. Such as a double stamped mint mark. All of these factors together can make a coin valuable.”