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1888 S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 64 CAC

Lusterous, could be an ex-Redfield dollar by the look of the toning. Very high end for the grade, beautiful maroon and deep blue along the rims. PCGS price guide 975. CAC pop 92.


1885 O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 66 CAC

Surprising low % of these make a pass at CAC. Most don't meet the strike requirements. Virtually Mark free and totally original. PCGS Price Guide 395, CAC coins really jump in price, this one is reasonable.


1896 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 66 CAC

Super clean fields! Wow. One small spot on the R of Pluribus. Killer coin and great value for the grade. Not many come nicer for this date. PCGS pop 737. Only 95 finer at PCGS.


1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 66+ CAC

Blast White example with more scratches on holder than marks on the coin. One small ding to the left of the left wing keeps this out of a 67 holder. PCGS pop 158 in 66+.


1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 66+ CAC Reverse Color

Cheek is super clean and fields are not far behind. Amazingly bright rim toning on the reverse sets this coin appart PCGS pop 158 in 66+.


1878 8 TF PCGS MS 64 CAC Prooflike Obverse

Sharply mirrored obverse, Definitely would qualify PL if the reverse was as well. No major marks seen anywhere, there is a small spike in front of the nose that was quite possibly struck through wood. More like a splinter. PCGS pop 2784. CAC pop 89.


1880-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-66

Wow sharp, we have not submitted to CAC yet, but this coin is a no brainer. Common date at an uncommon price PCGS pop 9636. PCGS price guide 375.


1895 O Morgan PCGS AU-53 Full Breast Feathers!

Exceptional Strike for the Date, you can look at hundreds of these and not find one struck as well as this one Full Breast Feathers For the Serious Morgan Collector who seeks the Dollars with the best strike for the date



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