90% Silver Coins (Junk Silver) $100 Face Dimes and/or Quarters

71.5 Silver Troy Ounces
Description These 90% Silver coins are all minted from 1964 and before. Each $100 face value bag contains 71.5 oz of silver making them a great low premium buy. Silver coins provide the advantage of being a small size ideal for bartering. These coins are also favorable for how inconspicuous they appear. Take advantage of the vast benefits of 90% Silver today! Read more about the upside of 90% junk silver here.

Each $100 face bag of dimes and/or quarters contains coins from the following series Roosevelt Dimes and/or Washington Quarters. Dates and designs are at our discretion. All coins have readable dates. We ship the coins we have available and do not guarantee a mix bag. Your coins may all be from one coin series.

This is a stock photo. Bag not included.
Random (Pre 1964)
Mint Mark
United States Mint
Dimes, Quarters
Metal Content
71.5 Troy Ounces
Average Circulated
In Stock

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